Location / Tangerang – Indonesia Year / 2018 Program / Factory Outlet Size / +2950 SQM Client / Andy Susanto Status / Design Development MEP/ Trisakti Mekar Mandiri Structure/ Sentra Reka Struktur

Historically, Factory Outlet has been one of the phenomena of 2000’s modern retail in Indonesia, acting as an incubator for sophisticated products with budget concern, social exchange and challenging experimentation in Department Stores services. In the late 20th Century, the global economy was shifted by the digital revolution, thus turning the shopping experience into an obsolete model. There is now a need to investigate an alternative to the established retail model – a model able to redefine the relationship of retail stores both with its patrons and with its physical and urban environments. This Proposal aims to break verticality or stacking programs, normally classified into several dedicated areas, into a big opening of the atrium that allows visual connectivity. Rather than treating multi-storey programs in a vertical way, a horizontal connection between departments gives different architectural and commercial qualities in the building. Through a process closer to the one of curating rather than designing, a big void as an atrium is developed specifically to offer distinct spatial experiences, inside and outside. The relationship between brands and curated space – such as void, split level and breakout area in every floor, allowing other activity besides shopping in the program, like café, restaurant, office area and penthouse to operate in this singular building with a connectivity of visuals and airflow integration. The journey through the void culminates with a top level open restaurant, releasing the visitors towards a green view of the surrounding. The elevators & open tribune, visible on the façade and acting as attractors, connect the public streets to the new level.